The goal of this document is to show the advantages of using merd over various languages. If you have been beaten by one of the things below, you may be happy to know it's fixed in merd.

But this doesn't imply than the language compared is worse than merd. There are of course different choices and your mileage may vary. As Matz is saying:

Why should you switch to Ruby? If you are happy with Perl or Python, you don't have to. But if you do feel there must be a better language, Ruby may be your language of choice. Learning a new language is harmless. It gives you new ideas and insights. You don't have to switch, just learn and try it. You may find yourself comfortable enough with Ruby to decide to switch to it.
You can also have a look at merd's Known Flaws.


merd vs Perl

merd vs Python

merd vs OCaml

Quite generally, OCaml suffers from an expressivity problem when it comes to script-like programming.

merd vs Haskell

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